Month of the fight against breast cancer: 3 facts you should know for your heath insurance


Breast cancer is one of the leading causes of death of women around the world. This disease does not know of social status, age or nationality, so thousands of women, year after year, are affected by it.

October was chosen as the month of the fight against this cancer, to help spread more information about it and about what it means to be prevented. And it is that this disease, if detected in time, does not have to be serious, since with due treatment it can be combated, but the key to this is prevention and early detection.

Do you know enough about this topic? Have you taken measures to prevent the possible occurrence of this disease? Here are four key facts that will help you have a better picture about it:

90% of occasions are detected by a self-examination

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Knowing how to do it is essential for proper prevention. You need nothing more than to face a mirror and do it. If you do not know how to do it, neglect, on the web you will find even videos with instructions. There is no excuse.

Mammography is necessary from the age of 40. This procedure must be performed once a year from the age of 40. That way you will be taking measures for an early detection of cancer, if it appears. Exercise and good nutrition are important. Although cancer can arise from nowhere, a healthy lifestyle is flattering, since it allows your body to be in better condition.

Cancer insurance offers adequate protection

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If there is talk of prevention, the acquisition of specialized insurance in these cases is one of the best measures, since together with the necessary treatment in case the disease is detected, it offers annual mammograms and other benefits, including , reconstructive breast surgeries if necessary.

Definitely, cancer cannot be downplayed and protected is necessary not only for his life, but for his own. Remember that the cancer insurance market has grown, making it easier to find products that fit your economic situation and profile. To compare the options you can use the Joerteros Glerosas cancer insurance comparator.

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